Zebaish Shaikh
United Arab Emirates
weight lost: 22 kg
Khyati my dearest,

My weight loss journey with the team of Balance Nutrition was amazing. Who will not be awestruck when you are straight 22kgs down. Many many many thanks to the team and especially to my mentor Arshi who was there with throughout my hunger pangs and unlimited queries of mine.

Btw I started when I was 74 and as of now today my weight is 53

Well it's not figure of speech If I say it was really a dream come to true, to see myself of the weighing scale which I created for myself.

The concept of online weight loss program is practically doable and is result oriented unless you be true to yourself ONLY.

E-Kit is indeed helpful while making food decisions overall be you are in any country or you traveling.

The results in the first initial sessions made me confident enough to get going not to forget that your best picture in your mind about yourself plus that zeal of ''I want to fit and I can do it'' chant.

Having a good mentor during weight loss journey is a blessing. Because your mentor is like your teacher who keep seeing you growing from elementary to high school kinda. 

Maintenance guide is very important. It's a guide when you have to make decisions regarding your intake of food alone and all by yourself.

DONT DONT DONT DONT CHEAT when you are following programs. Cheating is your open enemy. 

Super tip that helped me maintaining my weight was and is to balance your proportion and make sure you taking your supplements ( Apple cider/ Green Tea/ Free Fillers)

Honestly, I gave up everything means everything on junk ( achar and chips were and still my weakness but I just turned away completely) Hard to believe?  That's 101% true words.

Thanking balance nutrition 100 times for helping me reaching my milestone.
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation