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Who should try it?

  • Maintaining a pH balance in the gastric system is most challenging.
  • We therefore see a lot of clients complaining of acidity, acid reflux & GERD.
  • Not only will you see a relief from symptoms but also a reduction in weight & increase in immunity.

3 Day Cleanse

1999 29
999 15

Offer Valid Till: 20th Apr !


  • Creates an Alkaline Base
  • Excretes Excess Acid Out
  • Balances the System
  • Induces Weight Loss
  • Influx of Vitamins & Minerals

What Will I Get?

  • Your ‘diet chart’ made by the Senior Nutritionists at Balance Nutrition & Khyati Rupani.
  • A qualified nutrition guide to help you understand the diet on a call/ whatsapp.
  • Exclusive "Quarantine Special" Recipes included in the diet from www.balancenutrition.in
  • Online support for the entire week from team Balance Nutrition.

Know Your Ideal Weight: