Ideal For Men/Women

  • Body Toning & Inch Loss
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Great Figure/ Fit Physique
  • Shaping Up/ Sculpting

How It Works


The right mix of nutrients, water, rest, activity and our GUIDANCE is all you need to transform. We not only plan your nutrition but closely mentor you on all fronts. The exclusive program includes Daily Food Tracker, Metabolic Boosters, Cleansing Diets, Exercise Activity Guides & Trackers. We also suggest foods to support your pre- & post-workout needs.

  • * A new diet plan is provided after every 10 days.
  • * E -kit is equipped with tools such as Travel kit, global restaurant guide, Alcohol Guide.
  • * 'Exclusive Maintenance guide' is provided upon the completion of the program.
  • * Choose between a 30-, 60- or 90 days package.

Program Features

"It's not your job to fit into our program... it's our job to make one that fits into your life."
- Team Balance Nutrition

Separate recipes specially crafted to suit your lifestyle & weight loss goals...
Our senior & experienced sports nutritionists are assigned along with Khyati Rupani to guide you through your body sculpting & shape-up goals.
Diet sessions are planned by stressing on natural, easily available foods rather than artificial supplements.
The best tool to keep a track of your weight & inch loss after every 5 & 10 days of diet completion.
An excellent tool to monitor your inch loss and highlight the rate of your progress after seven days of diet completion.
Daily update of workout & physical activity regime to push you in the right direction of body transformation.
This chart keeps a track of your daily food intake to convey you whether you are following the right trail.
You can speak to your mentor to review your assessment and discuss all your queries, which will help her map out your program.
Your mentor will call you once a week to keep you motivated. She is also aided by several tools to pick up your pain points and make alterations as needed.



Pay For 30, Get

 18799   295  
 13499   210

Pay For 60, Get

 22399   350  
 18799   295
120 DAYS

Pay For 90, Get

 26499   415  
 22399   350
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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  At 26, I was 91 kg and diagnosed with PCOS. Despite hating exercises, I tried gym but since I had be  

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  I started succeeding when I started leaving small fights for those who wanted to. I stopped fighting  

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