The payment process is like that of any E-commerce website, you use your Debit card/Credit card or Net Banking option to pay, it’s a very simple process. Just select the program and duration click on ‘Join Today’ and follow the steps.

For those residing in India-

1.Bank Transfer- You can directly deposit required amount into our bank account through Online fund transfer/Cash deposit/Cheque deposit for which you can ask the health counselor to give you our bank details.

2.Cash Payment- You Can Visit your Nearest Balance Nutrition Center and make the cash Payment. Or if we have a centre in the city you reside in,then you can request for a cash collection.

3.Direct Payment Link- We can also send you a direct payment link on your Mail ID, just request your health counselor you have been speaking to or mail us for the same, You can click on the link and make an online payment.

4.Wallet Payment- We also have Paytm wallet facility. You can directly transfer money in our Wallet.

For international clients-

1.Bank Transfer- You can directly deposit required amount into our bank account through Online wire transfer through any international Bank or Foreign exchange.

2.Direct Payment Link- We can send you direct payment link on your Mail ID,you can click on the link and make an online payment.

Yes, you can avail EMI Facility as well. At the Checkout page, you will get the option of Credit Card EMI. This Facility is available for only Indian Credit Card Holders.
Yes, you can avail EMI Facility as well. At the Checkout page, you will get the option of Credit Card EMI. This Facility is available for only Indian Credit Card Holders.
Enrolling is a simple process. After registering, you can select the program of your choice (If in doubt use the need assistance, or chat feature or use the video tutorial) and click on "Buy Program" and proceed with online payment.
An online program for weight loss and other lifestyle conditions like Diabetes,PCOS, Thyroid, cholesterol etc.
It’s as simple as buying things online, choose program, buy online or do a money transfer in the bank, you fill an assessment form which allows us to make a diet plan just for you, and then your assigned mentor will take it from there. Generally, a diet plan is followed for 10 days, you fill the weight tracker every 5 days and on 10th day your mentor plans a totally new diet chart.

You also get the E-kit in the My account section, mentor will regularly send you updates/ guides /tools to cover for your special occasions or situations. This ensures you are supported throughout the program.

We have more than 7000 national and international clients who are doing this globally, every client has a dedicated mentor who studies your assessment form and designs the program. The founder and her senior team monitor every stage.

Each client has a private login, your assigned mentor will be in constant touch with you via email chat and most queries are answered within 3 hours, though generally as a rule you should expect a reply to a query within 8 working hours.
Once You have updated your ASSESSMENT, your mentor studies it with the senior team and the founder; if any queries the mentor will mail you, if not a diet chart is send within maximum of 24 hours of getting the form. Your first diet plan will be sent via email and same will be visible in your account on the website.
The ASSESSMENT form has questions like 'who cooks at home' and 'how many meals do you eat outside'. So, the diet plans for losing weight and toning up are totally tailor made, keeping in mind the needs, preferences, restrictions you have, as well as the country of residence. The E-kit has tools & guides which makes the program very flexible and adaptable.
We don’t have a trial session or any sample diet; for simple reason that any program like this one needs at least 21 days to see perceptible change, plus, before starting the program we do an extensive assessment only after that a completely custom made diet plan is made & sent to you. We need a minimum commitment of 30 days from you for us to work on you and give results. There is infact no sample diet chart that works for all, what works for you will not work for someone else.
No genuine program will give any crash diets, that’s a wrong notion and practice, in fact it’s against the core of the science of Nutrition itself.
At Balance Nutrition, we take a lot of effort initially to assess you & understand your lifestyle, who cooks, what kind of food you have access to, what kind of work lifestyle you have etc.; we make sure that the food given is something you can easily manage given your life and lifestyle, you won't be eating or cooking anything that you cannot manage or sustain.
Balance Nutrition is about pure natural foods that you eat and see around you. We don’t use any artificial powders pills or anything which is not natural.
No. We plan your diet considering all nutrition requirements, we ensure that you lose weight but not your health, in fact most of the clients experience a renewed vigor, energy and glow after our program.
Before planning your diets, we first consider your lifestyle, what foods are available to you, your work life, and many other things. The diet reaching you will be designed to fit into your life we don't give unrealistic diet plans of frequent eating which you cannot sustain.
After receiving your first diet plan online, your mentor is available for any queries via email. All your queries shall be answered in the shortest time span. It is as quick as 20 minutes. Generally, a diet plan is given every 10th day, if you face any issues in following the diet due to any reason you can tell your mentor and we shall make the necessary changes. This can be done via email chat in the MY Account section.
During your program at Balance Nutrition, you have unlimited email support with your mentor. All emails are responded to by your mentor within 3 working hours max.
Mentors ARE NOT available on phone or WhatsApp. As being a health program a record is mandatory of conversations exchanged as such for all queries/issues email is the best option which goes directly to your assigned mentor and you will get an answer within 3 working hours, However, if you wish to still having any issues, please mail at clientservices@balancenutrition.in and we will take appropriate action.
All you should do is, contact your mentor & send her an email. Post that if you still have issues you can mail them to info@balancenutrition.in or khyati@balancenutrition.in, we will review and take appropriate action, if needed a senior person will get on call, Mentors are not allowed to address issues on the phone as we audit all exchanges for quality control.
Yes, go on recipe section and type the name of the recipe, if it's in our bank you shall get the health-o-meter, you can also know the protein, fat, carbohydrate and calorie value of recipes.
You can add your favorite recipe/Recipe mentioned by your mentors in this section. This will work as your personalized recipe book and you don’t have to search same recipe repeatedly.