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We at believe good weight loss is not just the number you see on the scale, but about redefining your shape, it's about discovering the “realU”.
ReNe"U" is a program that affects not just your health but also your skin, hair and energy levels too!!
We use special foods, nutraceuticals, and various tools that will Renew, Recharge and Revitalise you.


*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.
Ideal For
Weight loss / Toning
To increase energy levels
Manage a healthy lifestyle despite
this rising temperatures.
Working & non-working
On Vacation - Travel
In addition to the standard features
• Daily Intake & Activity Tracker • Super Food Directory • Interactive Weight Tracker • Travel Guide
  • Personalized Diet Sessions
    One diet session is for 10 days
    Every diet chart is planned only after a detailed assessment & review of your progress.
  • Smart Up E Kit & Latest Guides
    We have all new Ingredient check list, Global dine-out guide, Alcohol guide, FAQs, Eat in portion & Daily essentials guide, Weight tracker, Holiday & festival guides. ....Know more
  • Dedicated Mentoring
    One mentor will be dedicated to you and your results. They are all qualified dietitians
    All queries shall be responded to within 3 working hours.
  • Celebrate Life Maintenance Kit
    This is your last session of the program. It has cheat sheets, special guides, realistic menus for day to day life. Lifetime access to recipes and health reads.
  • Healthy Recipes
    Access to more than 600 healthy recipes with nutritional counts and Health-O-Meter making it easy and practical to follow this program.
  • Unique My Account
    Our new updated my account section now has special features like 5th & 10th day reminders to help you track your weight better.