Intense Diet Changes

Intense Diet Changes

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Non Diet

Habbit Assessment

Habit Assessment

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The BN Plateau Breaker

We have come out with a short term, targeting only PLATEAU, SLOW & STAGNANT weight. This can be easily addressed by what we call giving the body a metabolic shock by temporarily changing the food pattern, break the routine of consuming LOW CALORIE diets or any other principles that we otherwise follow to lose weight.

This is an intense program with NO BREAKS & each diet chart brings in A NON DIET TIP OR PRACTICE that you will learn helping you break your plateau.

Who is it for?

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

How will you succeed

Plateau Breaking Is A 4 Step Process:

  • Breaking The Plateau : This is done by intense diet changes, habit assessment & managing the physical activity.
  • Sustain The Loss : It is not a 10-day process to break the plateau, we must ensure the weight loss is sustained over time & therefore need to ensure weight loss does not slow down in the coming weeks.
  • Continue Dropping On The Scale Consistently : This is why the plateau breaker program is planned in 30, 60 & 90-day formats. Here we get a good amount of time-based on the goal to plan the sequence of diets to ensure the above is done well.
  • Maintain The Loss After : It is not only about breaking the plateau, but it is also about maintaining it. You will be shared a Maintenance guide that will ensure you maintain the lost weight making it a complete program.