Each and every kind of food that we intake has some kind of nutritional value; be it carb or carbohydrate or fiber, etc. which helps our body metabolism. Hence, food cannot be simply termed ...Read More
26 Aug 2016
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THYROID AND WEIGHT LOSS The thyroid gland is a vital hormonal gland which is located in the front part of the neck below the voice box and has the shape of a butterfly. The thyroid gland ...Read More
16 Feb 2016
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The viral disease generally known as common cold is so common that everyone falls victim of it once in a while. It is basically an infection of upper respiratory tract including nose, airway ...Read More
20 Jan 2016
Osteoporosis is a clinical condition wherein a decrease in bone density is observed, thus, depleting its strength and increasing the fragility of bones. Osteoporosis turns bones porous, like ...Read More
28 Oct 2015
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What is Anemia? Derived from Greek origin, the word Anemia means "without blood", and as the name suggests, it occurs due to deficiency in red blood corpuscles (RBC) and/ or hem ...Read More
24 Aug 2015
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