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Red Meat - Does It Do Good Or Bad!

10 Aug 2015

Red Meat is the victim stigmatized as a food that is linked to cancer and higher fat and calorie content. However, the type of Red meat one consumes differs. While white meat is not tied to many health problems as compared to red meat; it is not featuring many benefits as red meat does and vice-versa. Thus, continuing the war between red meats and white meats.



PROTEIN: Red meats, being high in protein and providing all the essential amino-acids, is necessary to build muscle and repair tissue, thus making one physically active and producing enzymes to prevent illnesses.

HEME IRON: Meat is an excellent source of Iron, of which approximately 40% is "HEME IRON" .This form of iron from red meats is better absorbed by the body compared to plant based sources of iron-containing "NON-HEME IRON", thus preventing low immunity levels and anemia.

VITAMIN D & B12: Red meat being a rich source of vitamin D & B12, regulates the vitamin activity providing double the benefits such as a well-functioning nervous system, nervous system, modulation of cell growth, neuromuscular, immune function and red blood cell formation, thus building DNA and the overall circulatory system.

MAGNESIUM: Red meat is a good source of the Macro-mineral, Magnesium, being necessary for the proper functioning of the brain, nervous and cardiovascular systems, bone strength, muscles, kidneys, hormone-secreting glands and the liver and other biochemical functions.

ZINC: Red meat supplies a good dose of zinc. Thus promoting and strengthens your immune system and maintaining a healthy brain.  



HIGH SODIUM CONTENT: Although reducing the amount of table salt in your meals is one remedy for cutting down the sodium content, consumption of red meats will work the opposite. Red meats are not only high in sodium but also other chemical preservations, being the first step to the start of health problems. 

CANCER: Consumption of red meats has been related to Cancer of the bowels,breast and prostrate cancers.


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