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Why Calorie Count doesn't Work

05 Feb 2016

The traditional view about losing weight is relevant to burning more calories than the food intake. But, unfortunately, that philosophy does not prove correct in real cases. Normally, people have a false notion that deducting extra calories from their diet will reduce their weight, which is not actually true. There are countless numer of individuals who are stuck on the same weight, even after they have been eating right & exercising. But, why so? Because, they are not considering how stress & hormones they produce, dominate their metabolism.

The essential truth is that if you try to reduce calories too much by skipping meals, then you will reach a consistent point, where the scale does not drop any lower even if you eat very less. Hence, it can be said that calorie count does not work.

  1. It makes you think about food all the time: Weighing, measuring, counting & analyzing your food each day & every time you eat that locks your mind in to a 'Food pison' If you are counting calories then you are focusing on food & only food & which is the opposite of what you really want.
  1. Unrealistic: Calorie counting is very unrealistic because you will never get in touch with what your body wants.  It is not really beneficial to you to dictate how you eat solely based on our mind's rules. It is like we disconnect our body from our mind when we are counting calories all the time.
  1. It makes you hungry: Calorie restriction is a deliberate attempt to eat less than your body needs to maintain it's current weight. staying hungry will more likely to give up in frustration & endedup up eating all the junk & foods which you were craving.
  1. It encourages us to see "LOW CALORIES" instead "HEALTHY": Calories are not the only aspect of food. Whatever particular aspect of food we are looking at, whether it's calories, fats, nutrients or anything else, we are likely to make snap judgements about food based entirely on that one number, & miss out the bigger picture.
  1. It makes you stressed: counting calories day & night shall make you stressed & stress may lead you to weight gain so again we shall not achieve our goal of weight loss by frustration we lose hopes.
  1. It doesn't work in the long term: Calorie counting can take off ponds in the short term, but in the long term those pounds come right back





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