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6 Unique Holi Traditions with delicious Weight Loss Recipes

28 Feb 2018

Enjoy Unique Holi Traditions with Delicious Weight Loss Recipes & a Bit of Color!


What is life without a little color to brighten it? After the cold days of winter are over, spring comes in all its glory, spreading mirth & joy in air with ethereal collection of flowers blooming in all the corners. And to welcome this luscious spring, the colorful festival of Holi is celebrated with rollick, warming hearts & spreading smiles in all faces.

Holi in India is closely connected to fun & food. It is celebrated every year by splashing dyed water or by rubbing Gulaal (powdered color) in each other’s face & by indulging in Holi food or Holi recipes. But, also it is important to make sure that those delicious holi snacks increase your happiness, & not your weight. So, follow a proper diet plan that will prevent your weight gain.

India is a vast country adorned with diverse culture & customs starting from North to South or from East to West, & it is distinguished with a unique charm in every state. So, let us hop on a journey across India covering the different themes of Holi, their social importance & special Holi dishes to enjoy the most of this upcoming fiesta.

Sweet Holi of Bengal: In Bengal, people welcome spring by playing with colors in a symphonic manner; singing & dancing all the way. This musical style Holi celebration is called as Basanta Utsav & first started in Shanti Niketan, which is unique to Bengal. To add extra dose of sweetness in this occasion, most Bongs cook Payesh (Kheer) at home. But, dollops of calories that is served along with payesh is absolutely unwanted, so to avoid that, let us try a healthy version of Payesh with this Brown Rice Kheer, good for weight loss & very nutritious.

Maharashtrian Holi with Puran Poli: In Maharashtra, this festival is renowned as Shimga or Rangpanchami. Following the old mythological beliefs, during Holi, an effigy of Holika is burnt as a symbol of triumph over all evils & people all over Maharashtra prepare the delicious Puran Polis to continue the merriment. But, due to loads of sugar & ghee in it, many people had to abstain themselves from sampling this delicious treat. So, here is a brilliant Puran Poli Recipe that is rich in taste but very less in calories.

Colors of Gujarat in a Plate: The vibrant state of Gujarat celebrates this festival with extreme pomp & joy like all their other festivals. In Gujarat, people worship Lord Krishna for his blessings & grace. The mythological tales of Krishna defeating all evil powers are enacted & praised. Also, they create delectable cuisines to magnify the euphoria of the occasion. Keeping health & taste in mind, Palak Dhokla, Oats Dhokla, Moong Dhokla, etc. are a few selected recipes that can be enjoyed in Holi.

Royal Holi of Rajasthan: Holi in Rajasthan is celebrated in truly vibrant manner. Appealing customs are performed such as the Braj Mahotsav, where regional people dress as Lord Krishna & Radha & enact the acts of his childhood pranks, Dhulandi festival, in which bonfire is lit, & many such other fascinating traditions make Holi in Rajasthan a majestic affair. And all we need is some dry fruits & laddus to increase the grandeur. So, here is our nutritious Dry Fruit Laddu recipe to enjoy the real taste of Rajasthan without submitting to calories.

Divine Holi of Uttar Pradesh: The land of Radha & Krishna’s birth, Uttar Pradesh celebrates Holi like no other state in India. Barsana Holi or Latthmaar Holi is so famous that numerous tourists also visit Barsana in UP to witness the ongoing event. Apart from Barsana, Holi in Mathura & Vrindavan is also very popular with common folks dressing up as Radha & Krishna & portraying their tales. To feel the traditional essence of Avadh, the best Holi recipe is Phirni, which can be tweaked to make it the best weight loss diet such that you can enjoy the flavors of Holi but not the after weight gain.

Unique Holi of Karnataka: Nowadays, mostly all the states in Southern India indulge in the colorful bash of Holi but it is not a traditional festival over there except in the state of Karnataka. In Karnataka, Holi is renowned as Kaamana Habba, where guys steal cow dung cakes or log from the neighbors & all the females prepare Holige, a kind of dessert. In evening, Holige is offered to Kamadeva & a bonfire is lit, around which boys & girls dance & sing & burn the stolen items. So, let us prepare this traditional Holige with a healthy twist.

These traditional Holi dishes are easy to prepare & perfect for weight loss, so just dig into these delicacies.
With these Holi diet dishes, Do Not Count Calories; Count Happiness.


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