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6 Simple Ways You can Stick to a Healthy Diet

01 Oct 2018

The reason most people are “afraid” to eat healthily is that they have the wrong notion of what it means. You do not need to have soups or salads all the time to eat healthily, it can be much simpler than this.

“Think of healthy eating as a marathon rather than a 100 - meter sprint & you shall farewell!”

Simple steps you take over the long term that produce lasting results!

Way #1:- Start Slow

The biggest mistake people make while starting on a healthy diet is that they make changes too quickly. Trying to alter your diet too much in a short while is asking for trouble.

The reason behind this is that a huge diet change can be overwhelming for many. As a result, one may start a diet but not be able to maintain it for long.

Slow & steady truly does win the race! Start slowly changing your diet with weekly tweaks to it. For example, you could try adding a portion of fruits & vegetables to your diet each week until you eat 5 – 6 portions a day.

This is how you stick to healthy eating in the long term!


Way #2:- Eat More Wholefoods

This might take a little (just a little!) effort but it’s definitely worth it! Many of us often indulge in processed or refined foods, sometimes even unknowingly.

Some simple swaps can be really helpful in losing weight, toning down, or simply staying healthier! So the next time you feel like drinking fruit juice or having peanut butter, you could opt for a fruit bowl or a h&ful of roasted peanuts.

These small switches can form a stronger foundation for healthy eating!

Way #3:- Choose The Healthier Option

At times, we’re faced with only a few options, & all of them aren’t even close to being “healthy”.  In such cases, it’s wiser to choose the one that is comparatively better.

Let’s say you find yourself at a café & are ordering a s&wich. Instead of choosing white bread, you could opt for the multigrain bread s&wich as it’s the healthier option.

You need not always eat “super – healthy” in order to get results, at times it’s best to choose the better of whatever options are available!

Way #4:- Eat Lighter Before Bed

Yes, we’ve known this for a long while but how many of us follow it? Keep a gap between the last meal of the day & bedtime. This has numerous health benefits, it can boost your metabolism, regulate hormone levels & help you lose more weight as well.

As you eat a smaller dinner, you’ll also find that your digestion will improve. Many experiences reduced acidity after they limit their food intake in the hours before bed.

Way #5:- Eat Small Meals At Regular Intervals

Most of us tend to eat a very large meal at a single sitting. This can result in problems like acidity or indigestion.

To tackle this, it’s better to eat small meals at regular intervals. It helps you stay full for longer along with keeping problems like acidity, indigestion, etc at bay.

You’ll also find that you shall experience fewer cravings(means fewer episodes of binge eating!) as you eat this way.

Way #6:- Don’t Eat Less!

We underst& that you’re surprised by this statement, especially if your goal is to lose weight. However, most people make huge mistakes while trying to eat lesser amounts of food!

You’ve often heard of crash dieting, which makes people lose several kilos in a short while. However, we don’t realize that such people often suffer from health issues due to such diets. Moreover, these low-calorie diets can lead to a bounce-back of your weight again.

It is a wiser choice to eat your foods in a smart manner, rather than trying to eat less. Having that piece of cake or cup of ice cream occasionally won’t hurt your progress as long as you do it smartly!

Eating Healthy has often been considered rocket science by many. But the truth is that it’s the simple ways that make healthy eating sustainable & enjoyable!

These ways of sticking to a healthy diet will help you get results that last. You’ll also enjoy the journey much more & not feel restricted by it!


“When you focus on running the marathon, you’re sure to win the race!”  


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