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Top secrets to Healthy Hair

09 Jan 2017

A woman's tresses are her most prized assets. No matter how short/ long, healthy/dull a woman will always be fussing around with her tresses. She knows it is that part of her body that can make her look or break her look. So as women, we style them, we color them, we cut them, we use extensions- just to get that hair right. It is a constant struggle for most of us to have get our hair to just behave, live and breathe.

However, do we really put in the right efforts into make it happen? History is brimming with stories on how the hair was previously looked at as the earliest definition of beauty. There is one thing our age and the ancient times have in common: a woman's need for healthy hair. However, what really makes your hair healthy? Is it the hair spas and hair conditioning or feeding the right things help to sustain beautiful hair? Of course, the latter does. Here are some hair care tips that should be followed for beautiful long tresses.


Given below is a disclosure of a diet to healthy hair diet so you can gift yourself the hair of your dreams:


This is first on my list because it is often forgotten from our daily diet. Nuts are the most accessible foods to grab, instead of having sev puri around the corner of your office/ home. Keep these in a good stock in your best access drawers and you will find yourself on a path to better hair and a better waistline. Pistachios, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, flaxseeds, pine nuts are all superb foods for the hair.

  • Cashews and almonds are biotin-rich nuts that feed elastin to the hair and prevent breakage. 

  • Pistachios can hinder baldness.

  • Walnuts and flaxseeds give you that dose of omega 3 fatty acids.

Well, wouldn't you say it is best not to stop ignoring these wonderful nuts and seeds in your kitchen this New Year? 



You've all heard from your mothers of how vegetables can be amazing hair foods; so I'll keep to cut this short. Eat loads of green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, coriander, mint leaves, etc. They will give you a much-needed mineral boost. Lack of minerals is the most common cause of hair woes. Sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, cantaloupe are all great vegetables to feed your hair for that shine!



Orange, guava, kiwi, papaya, strawberry, etc. all helps strengthen the hair follicle and prevent brittleness. Make sure you include at least two fruits in your daily diet and see all the wonders it does.



Vitamin C helps absorb iron in our body, which in turn helps reduce hair fall. Come on, let's agree. Every mom must have given this advice to her daughter to eat amla. They'll make your hair so beautiful and bouncy. Well, our mums were right. We need to bring amlas back into our diet and we must do it right now!



Protein-rich foods strengthen the hair. All vegetarians out there, start imbibing on an equal portion of the following in your diet- Milk and milk products, sprouts, tofu, green peas, pulses, oats. All these foods have generous amounts of proteins- so vegetarians need to have them in adequate amounts. Including a cup of yogurt in your daily diet will work wonders for your hair. Consume oats, they are antioxidant-rich and help maintain the health of your hair. Non-vegetarians, on the other hand, have a protein-rich diet because the following are protein-rich: poultry, fish, eggs, meat. They need to take care not to eat these in excess because too many proteins can be a cause of hair fall.

Our mums used to oil our hair saying- this will give you gorgeous hair. However, since we moved out of the whole oiling-your-hair routine and not being mumma's li'l girls, we need to do a little extra something to bring our beautiful hair back.

 Limit the consumption of sugar and oily foods, include the above listed foods in your diet. Say hello to your happy, healthy hair!


RICH SOURCES OF NIACIN & BIOTIN FOR YOUR HAIR (Kindly include any of these in your diet everyday):

Mushrooms Nuts :- Peanuts & walnuts
Asparagus Almonds
Peanuts Sweet Potato
Kidney Beans Vegetables:- Onions, tomato, carrots, mushrooms
Tahini (white sesame seeds added in oats, Hummus)  





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