Menstruation is an important phenomenon of a female’s health and an ideal parameter for her assessing her physical well-being. Just imagine if we could track our hormonal profile at sp ...Read More
08 Sep 2018
WOMAN…it is not just a word but it has got a whole world weaved in itself. She is the nurturer of a family as well as a fiery spirit dominating today’s professional field, thus ...Read More
06 Mar 2018
We All mostly consider bacteria as Germs that are harmful to us, but the truth is there are many microorganisms which could be very helpful. They help in improving our immunity, promote the ...Read More
07 Feb 2018
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An accomplished dietitian who has helped more than 8000 people through her online weight and lifestyle management company - Read more about her here:   Descri ...Read More
22 Jan 2018
An Obese KID I was a very unhealthy child. I grew up in a typical Gujrati family. Thepala, bhakri, ghee, sugar & rice were part of my daily meal. I weighed 70 Kgs in college, a ...Read More
13 Jan 2018
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