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Weight Loss Plateau

13 Jul 2019

After weeks of vigorous dieting you loose weight but after a few days, you notice that you are not loosing your weight any further in spite of following your diet plans. This might disappoint you and demotivate you. Such a phase wherein a person’s body weight remains at the same level i.e for a period of time there is no weight loss is called Weight Loss Plateau.

If you are experiencing such a situation then you need not worry at all because a weight loss plateau happens to almost every other person who is trying to loose weight. In order to avoid or overcome such a scenario, you first need to understand the reason behind weight loss plateau.

When you loose weight, the metabolism rate of your body gradually declines which will lead you to burn fewer calories than you use to burn at a higher weight. As weight loss and metabolism are directly associated, the slower the metabolism the slower will be your weight loss, despite you eating the same calorie that made you loose weight earlier. In simple words, a person reaches a state of weight loss plateau when the calories consumed are equal to the calories burnt.

6 Reasons You’ve Hit a Weight Loss Plateau:

  1. You are bored of dieting?

  2. Snacking too often?

  3. Not able to keep a track of small feast’s you are eating?

  4. Stressed? Feeling Emotional?

  5. You are losing on muscles.

  6. Water retention issues.


  1. By far you know that in order to avoid weight loss plateau you need to keep a track over your calorie intake and adjust it accordingly.

  2. The calories that you burn should be much more than what you consume.

  3. Look back and analyze your eating habits and make the necessary changes.

  4. Increase your physical activity throughout the day. Don’t loosen up yourself once you acquire a good weight loss and indulge into eating larger portions of food.

  5. Follow your diet plans religiously suggested by your dietitian.

  6. Stay Motivated as we need a lot of patience to battle it.


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Online Nutritionist Consultation