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Are you sure you don’t have PCOS?

20 Feb 2018

I once read somewhere… “If & only are as harmless as words can be. But, when they are placed together, they possess the power to haunt you for the rest of your lives… If Only…” That is what Women suffering from PCOS must be going through… always been haunted by this phrase – If only I knew earlier…If only I had paid attention…If only…

Sometimes in the busy marathon of life we Women, forget to invest some time in our health conditions as well. We neglect the buzz of alarms that keep reminding us something is offbeat in our body, & one certain day when we are forced to face the truth, we are left with nothing but repentance. Statistics show that 1 out of every 5 women suffers from PCOS in India.

In PCOS, awareness is the first step to cure, so, for today at least, stop whatever you are doing & take a couple of minutes to read this through. Learn what PCOS is, PCOS symptoms, PCOS causes & PCOS preventive measures to ensure a healthy & blissful life ahead just like our nutritionist Khyati Rupani won her battle against PCOS


What is PCOS exactly?

We all know that ovary produces the egg responsible for the creation of a child in future & Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is an ovary disorder that is caused when ovaries produce more follicles, which bear the task of producing matured eggs. But, in PCOS conditions, these immature follicles cannot produce that egg, as a result, the ovary starts secreting high levels of male hormones called &rogens, which wrecks the balance of the body. It is not life-threatening but for us, surely happiness threatening if left without treatment.


What are the symptoms/ effects of PCOS?

Women inflicted with PCOS suffer from these common conditions:

  • Rampant weight gain,

  • The irregular or abrupt halt in periods,

  • Hirsutism is when male pattern hair grows on the face, chest, etc.

  • Infertility, inability to conceive a child,

  • Acne breakouts &

  • Extreme hair loss from the head or receding hairline.

So, make sure you are not facing any of these problems.


What are the basic PCOS causes?

Confirmed causes behind PCOS are still unknown but, generally, PCOS is associated with genes, i.e; linked with family history. Obesity, diabetes, sedentary lifestyle (lack of physical activities), are also assumed to be certain causes of PCOS.


What are PCOS treatments?

PCOS Natural Treatment: The best means to treat PCOS is to consume a healthy PCOS diet that helps in shedding pounds as losing weight is the ultimate way to deal with this condition. Along with it, we can resort to proper sleep timings, drink lots of water & take a little stroll in the garden or do yoga or any kind of workout to eliminate the symptoms & regularize the menstrual cycle. There are homemade remedies to beat PCOS, which can be adopted in everyday diet plans to avoid PCOS.

Drugs for PCOS Treatment: Women diagnosed with PCOS are mostly prescribed pills containing progestin & estrogen to retain the hormonal balance of the body. Other than that certain diabetes, fertility drugs, etc. are also given in that condition.   

But, the drugs available on market tend to have some side effects & sometimes they prove inactive also, so, I would suggest clinging to natural PCOS treatment is the best solution.


If I have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then do I have PCOS?

Not necessarily, due to stress & anxiety also sometimes we may get irregular menses or acne or other traits, but the occurrence of two or three symptoms from the list may turn into a matter of concern. It is safer to consult a doctor in such a case or refer a nutritionist to get the best diet for PCOS weight loss. After all, precaution is always better than cure!
For us women, the suffering of PCOS is not confined to physical ailment but exp&s to mental distress also. The trauma of not being able to conceive or the pain of those ugly acne breakouts, obesity-related diseases, etc. are truly agonizing…isn’t it? So, let us all commit to a fit, healthy diet & bid adieu to PCOS.  

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Be free of PCOS & Celebrate your femininity!


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