How To Prepare For The Cleanse?

  • Ensure you have your ingredients & menu pre planned & ready the night before your cleanse.
  • Ensure you take your weight in the morning, before breakfast & after visiting the toilet.
  • Follow the 'Cleanse' as mentioned in the diet & do not change any item from the menu options.
  • In case you need to ask any query, please contact your counsellor or WhatsApp: 098205 43329 /
    098203 28039
  • Once you follow the cleanse successfully for 24 hours, weigh yourself the next morning again after visiting the toilet.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully completed your 'Cleanse'. Get in touch with your counsellor to know the way ahead :)

Why Should I Try A Cleanse?

  • Living in this century, a lot of toxins build up in our bodies from processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, irregular meals and other habits.
  • Doing a cleanse helps to realign and aid your body & mind by naturally adding it with nutrients and enzymes.
  • Cleansing will help improve low-energy, irritable moods, sleeplessness and skin troubles.
  • It will give you relief from symptoms & naturally increase your energy. The weight loss will give a sense of weightlessness from the inside-out.
  • We know that one-size does not fit all when it comes to cleansing, which is why we have put together five different, thoughtfully planned options, to help you choose a cleanse program that best fits your lifestyle and needs.

What Will I Get?

  • Your ‘diet chart’ made by the senior nutritionists at Balance Nutrition & Khyati Rupani.
  • A qualified nutrition guide to help you understand the diet on phone/ whatsapp.
  • Exclusive Recipes included in the diet from
  • Online support from team Balance Nutrition.

Benefits Of A Cleanse

  • Removes toxins from your digestive system.
  • Cleanses your liver & encourages it to purge fats & old cholesterol deposits.
  • Boosts metabolism that helps burn your calories and lose weight.
  • Suppresses appetite & cravings, helpful for your weight control.
  • Boosts energy level due to the enhanced circulation to your vital organs & skin.

Who Should Try It?

  • If you have to lose weight & are not sure whether you will be able to follow it.
  • If you are having frequent acidity.
  • If you get tired easily, are constipated or bloated often.
  • If you feel the need to cleanse your system & get rid of upto 2 kg* in a day.

Know Your Ideal Weight: