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What Makes Us Different?

  • Balance Nutrition programs are 70% diet and 30% E Kit, E kit are set of tools and guides that make the program very Doable and Easy.
  • For instance, if you are travelling abroad for a conference it will be impractical to expect you to follow the normal diet or food plan, thus we have a Global Dine out guide, Travel Guide, an Inflight guide and an Airport guide which you can access from your phone.
  • If you are in a wedding or party, we have a wedding/party guide.
  • Additionally, your mentor works with you all the time to coach you support you, so if you have a special situation or a need, just ping your mentor from your phone and you will get your solution almost instantly.

Wherever you may be, in whatever situation, we have you covered

A lifestyle program- Just for YOU

Detailed assessment
Detailed assessment before sending you any diet
your lifestyle & preferences
Suiting your lifestyle & preferences
Delicious & quick recipes
Delicious & quick recipes, menu options

Not just a diet plan

"It's not your job to fit into our program... it's our job to make one that fits into your life"

Dynamic Monitoring

Our new My account section allow us much closer scrutiny and quick intervention from your mentor.

The new query handling features gives you continuous access to your mentor
Query handling + Easy to fill trackers + Food diary And Many more = 360* monitoring

Program, You & Mentor

One diet chart
One diet chart
You follow for
10 days
Update your progress
Update your progress
  • Weight tracker
  • Diet recall
  • Special trackers
Mentor reviews
Mentor reviews your progress tracker & only then sends you the next diet chart.

Unique Maintenance Plan With Celebrate Life Kit

 Maintenance Guide
Unique only to Balance Nutrition
It has cheat sheets, special daily essentials guide & a realistic menu covering normal day to day life. You also have a "lifetime access" to our recipes and health reads.

Balance Programs Are