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What Makes Us Different?

Our online programs are 70% diet and 30% E Kit, which make the program very Doable & Easy.

  • Enjoy all Indian & continental dishes served at any restaurant without any worry of weight gain with our Global Restaurant Guide.
  • Have fun with the food you love while on move or on vacation with our Travel & Holiday Guide.
  • Enjoy drinks in any social gathering or on any party but in right portions with our Alcohol Guide.
We plan diets based on geographical, ethnic & regional preferences. All our diets are planned keeping in mind your current lifestyle & food habits.

Not just a diet plan

"It's not your job to fit into our program... it's our job to make one that fits into your life"
-team balance nutrition

  • Ingredient availability checklist ensures you don't go searching for fancy foods or exotic ingredients. We plan your diets only after checking the same.
  • Eat-In-Portion guide allows you to eat everything, just SMARTLY.
  • Global dine-out & Party guide allows you the freedom to choose your own meals when eating out or at a party.
  • Easy-to-use progress trackers & cheat sheets keep us constantly updated about your progress ensuring good results.

We've got your back

Program, You & Mentor

One Diet Chart
You follow for
10 Days
Update your Program
  • Weight tracker
  • Diet recall
  • Special trackers
Mentor reviews your progress tracker & only then sends you the next diet chart.

Unique Maintenance Plan With Celebrate Life KitTM

 Unique only to Balance Nutrition 

It has cheat sheets, special daily essentials guide & a realistic menu covering normal day to day life.
You also have a "lifetime access" to our recipes and health reads.