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Having travelled widely, Khyati loves to experiment with food and find ways to help people across the globe with their weight issues and food. She loves to use foods that are locally available and plans meals revolving around the client’s ethnic, geographical and lifestyle preferences.

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Khyati is a Post Graduate in Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Service Management from IHMCTAN and B.Sc Applied Nutrition from SNDT. She was the youngest Chief Dietitian at Lilavati Hospital & authored a book ‘Getting rid of Obesity’ when she was just 23. She is on the panel of Early Childhood Association (ECA),,, & contributes regularly to leading magazines. She also lectures on nutrition with academies & institutes.
Her content and programming knowledge, combined with commitment to quality & service is the secret behind all successful clients at Balance Nutrition.
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As a child, I was never skinny. I grew up to be slightly overweight but was a broad frame. Things suddenly started going wrong once I hit the 20s, my periods became irregular and I started gaining weight. At first I did not notice it, as was busy pursuing my masters in nutrition. But in 1 year I moved to 64 kg from 56kg & that is when I realised there was something wrong. I discovered I was suffering from PCOS. I started studying about it in detail and was convinced that weight loss and maintaining weight to ideal levels was the only solution to have a healthy hormonal profile. Also, being a dietician myself, it was important to be well within my ideal weight limits. The next barrier to excess weight and PCOS was when I was planning to have a child. I was very upset to hear I was suffering from infertility and it would be tough to become a mom. It was very depressing to hear about fertility treatments and the side effects, it made me very scared and depressed.