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Bajra Idli

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Energy (kcal) - 149

Protein (g) - 6.9

Carbohydrate (g) - 26

Fat (g) - 2.9

Khyati's Health-O-Meter Says:

Bajra idli is a healthy and nutritious recipe as it is steam cooked. Bajra is rich in folate, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin E and B - complex. It is rich in calcium and iron too. Bajra helps maintain cardiovascular health and helps reduce acidity problems. This can be served along with mint or coriander chutney.

  • Bajra - 1 tbsp
  • Rice - ½  tbsp
  • Skinless black gram (dhuli urad dal) - 1 tbsp
  • Fenugreek seeds (methi dana) - ½  tsp
  • Mustard seeds - ¼  tsp
  • Ginger chopped - ¼  tsp
  • Green chilies - 1 - 2 no., chopped
  • Curry leaves - 1 tsp
  • Rice bran oil - ½  tsp
  • Salt - as per taste
Step 1 Soak bajra in lukewarm water overnight.  Step 2 Soak black gram with fenugreek seeds for 2 hours. Soak rice for 2 hours.  Step 3 Drain and grind each finely and mix all of them in a big bowl.  Step 4 Cover and keep in a warm place to ferment overnight.  Step 5 Heat rice bran oil in a small non - stick pan, add mustard seeds, ginger and green chillies and saute for 1 minute.  Step 6 Add curry leaves and mix and add this tempering to the batter and add salt. Heat sufficient water in a steamer.  Step 7 Grease an idli mould with a little oil. Half fill the moulds with the batter and put them on the stand.  Step 8 Keep the stand in the steamer, cover and steam for 10 - 12 minutes.  Step 9 Remove the idlis from the moulds and arrange them on a serving plate. Serve hot with green chutney.


10 FEB 2018
VIEWS 2776


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