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Pancharatna Dal

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Energy (kcal) - 260

Protein (g) - 13

Carbohydrate (g) - 38

Fat (g) - 6

Khyati's Health-O-Meter Says:

Chana dal is high in fiber and helps to lower cholesterol. Masoor Dal contains high levels of protein, including essential amino acids isoleucine and lysine and are an essential source of inexpensive protein diet. The best benefit of ingesting urad dal is that it enhances digestion because of its rich fiber content. Urad dal benefits the health as it has both soluble and insoluble fiber which is good for digestion and also prevents constipation.


  • Chana dal [raw] - 1 tbsp
  • Toor dal [raw] - 1 tbsp
  • Moong dal [raw] - 1 tbsp
  • Urad dal [raw] - 1 tbsp
  • Masoor dal [raw] - 1 tbsp
  • Turmeric powder - ¼ tsp
  • Chilli powder - ½ tsp
  • Coriander powder - 1 tsp
  • Garam masala - ½ tsp
  • Tomato [chopped] - ½ small
  • Onions [chopped] -  ½ small
  • Salt - to taste
  • Cumin seeds - ½ tsp
  • Oil - 1 tsp
  • Ginger garlic [paste] - 1 tsp
  • Green chilies - 1 no.
  • Curry leaves - 3 nos.
  • Coriander leaves [chopped] - 1 tbsp 

Step 1 Combine all the dals and pressure cook with enough water and turmeric till all the dals are cooked. Allow the steam to escape before opening the lid and keep aside. Step 2 Heat the oil in a pan and add the curry leaves cumin seeds and green chilies. When the seeds crackle, add the onions and ginger-garlic paste saute till they turn transparent. Add the tomatoes, mix well and saute for another 2 minutes. Add the cooked dals, red chili powder, Garam masala, coriander powder, and salt, mix well and cook for 10 minutes or till raw smell goes. Garnish with coriander and serve hot with roti or Phulka.

Pancharatna Dal - BY KHYATI RUPANI

10 FEB 2018
VIEWS 3014


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