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Thai Spiced Barley And Vegetable Stir Fry

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Energy (kcal)- 160

Protein (g) - 2.5

Carbohydrate (g)- 26

Fat (g) - 5.5

Khyati's Health-O-Meter Says:

Thai cuisine includes the use of many of the fresh herbs and spices - such as turmeric, coriander, lemongrass, and fresh chillies. They have immune-boosting and disease-fighting power. Barley is a complete healthy package of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Barley is an excellent source of molybdenum, manganese, dietary fiber, and selenium, and a good source of copper, vitamin B1, chromium, phosphorus, magnesium, and niacin. Adding fresh vegetables increases the vitamin and mineral content making it extremely healthy.


  • Barley (raw) - 3 tbsp
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Garlic, finely chopped - 2 cloves
  • Chopped red bell pepper - 1/4th cup
  • Chopped onion - 1/4th cup
  • Chopped fresh basil leaves - 1 tbsp
  • Chopped fresh mint leaves - 1 tbsp
  • Red pepper hot sauce, depending on your taste - 5 -7 drops
  • Soy sauce - 1 tsp
  • Thai spices- 1 tsp
  • Shredded red cabbage and carrot, for garnish - optional
  • Oil - 1 tsp

Step 1 Place the barley and water in a medium saucepan and bring to boil.  Step 2 Reduce heat to low, then cover and cook for 45 minutes or until the barley is tender and the liquid is absorbed. In a large skillet or wok, heat oil over high heat.  Step 3 Add garlic; stir-fry 3 to 4 minutes. Add the cooked barley and stir-fry an additional 3 minutes. In a separate skillet (or remove the garlic and barley and re-use the same skillet), heat remaining oil.  Step 4 Add bell pepper and onion and stir-fry for 3 minutes. Next, add the basil, mint, red pepper hot sauce and soy sauce and cook for two more minutes.  Step 5 Add the barley and garlic mixture, then heat, stirring, for 3 more minutes.  Step 6 Garnish with shredded cabbage and carrot for an authentic Thai finishing touch.

Thai Spiced Barley And Vegetable Stir Fry - BY KHYATI RUPANI

10 FEB 2018
VIEWS 1050


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