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Weight Loss Water

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Energy (kcal) - 0

Protein (g) - 0

Carbohydrate (g) - 20

Fat (g) - 0

Khyati's Health-O-Meter Says:

It helps lower blood sugar, increases satiety and improves digestion. Apple cider vinegar helps you shed pounds and improve your health. It also helps freshen the breaths and aid in digestion and promotes hydration.

  • Apple cider vinegar - 1 tbsp 
  • Water - 2 cups 
  • Lemon juice - ½ tsp 
  • Raw honey - 1 tsp 
  • Black pepper powder - ¼ tsp
Step 1 Mix all the ingredients and drink.

Weight Loss Water - BY KHYATI RUPANI

10 FEB 2018
VIEWS 3859


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