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  • Personalised Diet Plan
  • Followed Anywhere in the World
  • Weekly Monitoring By Khyati
  • Anytime Access To Your Dietician
Our weight loss programs are online, convenient & can be done by Indians all over the world. These programs are conducted under the supervision of Khyati Rupani, founder and chief nutritionist. A dietitian by profession, she along with her team of qualified nutritionists develop and design personalized diet plans and weight loss programs suited for all age groups. Along with diet charts and healthy recipes, the weight loss programs also comprise of the e kit, a tool that has restaurant & alcohol guides, eat in portion guides that make weight loss management easier & smarter.
How We Work
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Fill up your details, create your Balance Nutrition account, choose a suitable program, make the payment and you are ready to go!

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After signing-up, fill the detailed assessment form and submit it. Shortly you will receive a Registration mail and a Welcome Call from your mentor, who will guide you regarding the further procedure of your program.

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Update your weight every 5 th day to your mentor and your diet will be revised according to your progress. You will also have access to our unique E-kit which includes Airport guide, Alcohol guide, Restaurant guide and Portion control guide and many more such guides to ensure that you are prepared in every situation.

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We don’t want you to gain the lost weight, so in the last session of your program we make sure that you know how to maintain your current weight. Interesting right?

Meet Our Founder, Khyati Rupani
After enrollment, the dietitians make you fill a detailed assessment sheet available to you on the my account section of the website. This assessment allows us to plan your diet chart as well as help you with the e kit and other tools. Lastly the maintenance makes sure your weight loss management is permanent and you will not have to go for any other weight loss program in future. Your progress shall be tracked by qualified dietitians who will make you fill simple trackers to gauge your progress before we change the diet for more effective results.
Why do we Gain Weight?
In the fast paced lives we live, we depend on a lot of outside food, have long gaps in meals, consume high calorie and sugar rich foods. All these with no physical activity and stress lead to excessive weight gain. The side effects of gaining weight are many. Right from low energy to affecting our overall health & well being, therefore it is essential we lose weight & maintain them as well.

Weight loss is always a result of 80% diet and 20% lifestyle changes. Let us help you correct both.

At all our online diet programs come with diet charts and the E -kit, this e - kit plays a very big role in helping you choose foods from restaurants, choose the best option when opting for alcohol at a party or helping you select the best portion size. These guides are personalized by our nutritionists and are the best online program guides that our expert dietitians along with Khyati Rupani, our founder has designed.

After enrolling in our personalized online diet programs, our nutritionists have made an online assessment sheet that you will need to fill. Your diet plans come to you only after these have been studied by us. the weight & inch loss trackers ensure your progress is recorded time to time and the results are great.

The Daily Essentials guide is also a part of the e kit & will tell you how much salt, sugar etc to consume. This is the main reason for weight gain and therefore our experts play a big role in helping you control these amounts smartly.

The Maintenance is also a major part of the diet and weight loss program where 30 additional days are dedicated only to help you get back to normal day to day foods from the diet and eat smartly even when you are eating late, eating out!
Tasty Recipes for Weight Loss

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation