Anybody who is 'DEDICATED', 'FOCUSSED', keen on losing inches & minimum off upto 5 kgs* 30 days, 10 kgs* in 60 days and 15 kgs* in 90 days.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

How it works


It's completely tailor made target based program for YOU to achieve your weight & inch loss goals. You shall be receiving personalized power diet plans (1 diet chart to be followed for 10 days) , healthy recipes, a simple exercise routine during your program and post that a maintenance E-kit that shall help you maintain the lost weight. This program also focuses on inch loss and toning up.

Program Features

"It's not your job to fit into our program... it's our job to make one that fits into your life"

Tracking of weight every alternate day with your mentor in the weight loss tracker.
A daily minimal activity burning 150 to 200 Calories is advised to achieve good weight & inch loss. This shall be tracked using physical activity tracker.
Recording your food intake daily increases the chances of following the diet and losing weight manifold. This shall also help you avoid cheating.
After your last diet, we will provide you with a maintenance plan, where you will be taught how to smartly eat everything and yet maintain weight with a 30 days free maintenance support.
Precise and accurate portion sizing guide making this program very effective. .....Know more
Inch loss from major fat accumulated areas indicates FAT LOSS. Weekly monitoring of loss of inches will also indicate fat loss.
A global restaurant menu guide with portions allowed for outings to make sure no meals are incorrect.
It includes a Celebrate Life kit cheat sheets, daily essentials guide, one day special food plane & a realistic menu covering normal day to day life.

Our Services Packages


 10499   165
 9999  165
Lose Upto 5-7 kgs*

 14999   235
 13999  235
Lose Upto 10-12 kgs*

 18999   295
 17499  295
Lose Upto 14-20 kgs*

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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