A Weight Loss Program Introduced to Boost Energy & Vitality in a Stressed Lifestyle.

Ideal For

  • Busy Executives
  • Frequent Travellers
  • Night Shift Workers

How It Works


A Program Crafted To Boost Energy & Vitality In An Exhausting And Demanding Lifestyle.

Designed for anyone with a busy corporate lifestyle, frequent travel & erratic work hours. Our focus is to make you energetic and active while losing weight & inches. The special E-kit with tools such as Travel kit, Dine-Out guide, Alcohol Guide are designed to make the program fit into your life. It is one of the most effective weight loss programs for any working professional in India.

  • * Each Diet Plan Must Be Followed For 10 Days.
  • * All Programs Come With A "Maintenance Guide" To Always Keep You In Shape.

Program Features

"It's not your job to fit into our program... it's our job to make one that fits into your life."
- Team Balance Nutrition

A questionnaire designed to evaluate your health risk & quality of life based on the information provided by you.
Well planned diet charts customized depending on your health & food preferences & availability of ingredients.
Regular sessions with your mentor over the phone to motivate you & flexible changes based on your feedback to increase the effectivity of program.
A diet chart at the end of session that allows you to eat smartly so that you never regain the lost pounds.
Access to hundreds of delicious and easy-to-make recipes, best for weight loss & proper nourishment of your body.
Best tool to keep a track of your weight & inch loss after every 5 & 10 days of diet completion.
A diligent panel of experienced nutritionists to assist you in every step and help achieve your weight loss goal (Our mentors are personally trained by Khyati Rupani).
An efficiently designed travel, in-flight, meeting & airport food guide to keep you healthy when continuously on the move.
A useful guide on alcohol, restaurant outings, daily essentials, & meal portions to ensure you only lose weight and not all the fun in life...Know more
You can speak to your mentor to review your assessment and discuss all your queries, which will help her map out your program.
Your mentor will call you once a week to keep you motivated. She is also aided by several tools to pick up your pain points and make alterations as needed.




 13499   210  
 11999   188
Lose Upto 5-8 kgs*


 18799   295  
 16799   266
Lose Upto 10-14 kgs*


 22399   350  
 19899   313
Lose Upto 16-22 kgs*
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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If they can, so can you!


Nikhil Nasta
Country : India


  The diet plan really works and is fun to follow - never made me feel like cheating -  

Regards ~ Nikhil