Himi Anand
weight lost: 8.5 kg

Hi Khyati,

Ofcourse, it has been a pleasure to be under ur guidance. I regret the fact that I couldnt really be very focussed and regular.

But the best part was .. Even when I wasn't too regular with the sessions..every time I followed the diet diligently for 3-4 weeks I cud see (n feel) the weight loss.

My periods are now regular and I owe it all to the diet plans shared by you. Karishma has been an excellent mentor, friend and guide..I almost drowned her in so many doubts n questions at the start of every session. She replied with patience and addressed all my queries.

As I already discussed with you, I personally n emotionally had undergone a lot of ups and downs but I very confidently say- healthy eating habits have helped me overcome the mental stress along with the weight loss.

All I want to say is, today when I know I am ending with the sessions in no time. I regret I couldnt put in my 200 percent coz you and ur diet plans would have transformed me even better. Nevertheless, I have learnt how to balance your life with healthy eating and how to loose weight without starving.

Attaching few pictures, not sure if it would do. I digged in n realized I do not have a solo click when I weighed the highest (so shied away from camera).

That's indeed my pleasure Khyati to be associated with Balance Nutrition.

Hope when I next time enroll for a new programme I come with a pulled up sock and much more determination of being a disciplined n punctual client of urs :)

Heartiest thanks to Karishma, hope next time I trouble you less ;)

Yes please, you can use my pics. Seing ur post, Atleast people whom I referred will believe I was a part of ur super smart regimen. 

Best wishes,


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Online Nutritionist Consultation