Bindu Zaveri
weight lost: 3.4 kg
It has been a wonderful journey so far . I Hv disciplined in eating now as in make sure to eat at regular intervals, and grab something like fruits n Chana if hungry wen out . Learnt portion control, it's like now even I want to eat more cant eat , loved having smoothies  and few morning drink I had , this plan has made me more aware wat not to put in mouth and choose a healthy option. Looking forward to shed out more fat from the body . One request Khyati I want a maintanenace plan which gives more energy as I m at a go everyday . Hv stopped having biscuits now which were a must for me . Thank u so much Khyati ... You are just awesome,kindly Gv me a maintanenace plan with high protein n which increases my energy levels. 
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation