Shaily Shah
weight lost: 8.3 kg
Hello Khyati, 

Definitely, it was a pleasant and satisfying journey... It feels so good to feel light...

1) The concept of online weight loss and health program is unique and hassle free... At any point in time, I can get in touch with my mentor and she is always available to answer my queries... Ekit is very useful especially the restaurant guide... It helped me to maintain my weight even on my vacation... The fact that I could see the weight loss on my weighing machine, motivated me and kept me going... Kudos to Pranoti who also took equal efforts to consider my suggestions and keep me motivated throughout my journey... I never thought that dieting would be so easy.. I loved all the recipes as well... 

2) I loved besan oats chilla.. It was easy to make and quite filling... 

3) I loved the golden weight loss of water... 

4) Cake
Program: Pcos Premium
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation