Ajit John
weight lost: 26.1 kg
It's been a year since the start of a wonderful journey... From 106 to 72. The entire credit goes to Khyati Rupani and her team at Balanced Nutrition especially Shazia who was my mentor and more importantly Sonia John without whose support it couldn't have been possible. Never knew that loosing makes you so happy ...

Thank you Khyati for giving me this new me. It gives one a great sense of pride when friends and for that matter, even people whom you have never met tell you that you have been an inspiration for them... Yeah, it happened to me... When Khyati posted my weight loss story I was bombarded with messages and calls for guidance.

As I mentioned this program has changed my lifestyle which has helped me in maintaining my self on the scale for the past 8 months.

Looking back into the older snaps (attached few old and recent snaps) even I feel surprised as to how I could pull it off... Self-determination with the right guidance is all that it takes.

Thank you Khyati, Balance Nutrition and Sonia.
Program: Weight Loss +
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Online Nutritionist Consultation