Mansi Sutaria
weight lost: 13.1 kg
So to be very honest ,online weight loss program was a very new and naive concept for me .I had always thought the need to be seen in person to be guided for the diet ..however the kind of busy and hectic life we have these days and that too in city like mumbai - it added much to the comfort that the personal meeting is not required and everything is at fingers tips through the medium of mobiles.

Tools like E kits and recipes gave the kind of fundamental knowledge required to keep the program up n running . And whenever in doubt a mentor was just a mail away . I possess a very hectic work life where my work takes me to travel a lot (luckily within city ) of places so when there was no food brought from home mentor came to rescue once again as to what to eat and what to avoid from outside food

Motivational mails from mentor n support from my family kept me going mom stood like a rock solid system throughout the program . Gym sessions with my husband Made it more special .
Program: Weight Loss +
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Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation