Alka Khandheria
weight lost: 11 kg
Dear Khyati,
Thanks for the mail. Yes here I am with my reviews for the team Balance Nutrition. It has been an amazing experience of weight loss. The journey was very difficult as I look back into the time when I was 85 kgs. It was looking impossible to loose even a kg. Also I was working out daily in gym and was going for regular walks, but even after months I was not able to loose weight. But then I started sessions with balance nutrition. It was amazing to find that all of a sudden in the very first month I lost 5 kgs. Which was a drastic and surprisingly a great loss in weight for me. I then started following the sessions properly, so now I not only constantly started loosing weight but I felt very fresh and energetic in every sense. I started being flexible in my gym and yoga. It also helped in curing my knee and ankle problems. Then slowly and steadily I finished 11 sessions and here I am with a total weight loss of 11 kgs in total after 4 months and 11 sessions. Also I would like to add up, that my mentor Jasleen and there after Shrutika both were very supportive and kind to immediately respond to all my queries or problems.
Lastly I would add up that overall experience with Balance nutrition under excellent supervision of Khyati Rupani was tremendous. With lots of experience and expertise, I would say she has changed my whole life.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation