Deepika Murthy
weight lost: 7 kg

My journey with balance...has not been as long as many others but it has surely been more fruitful than i imagined. I had always been a fitness freak, hopping from yoga sessions to dance classes to weight training to jogging tracks! But, as we all know, change is the only constant thing! And that change happened to me after i delivered my baby boy.

No regrets though, but I too got into the league of the many many new moms struggling with post-pregnancy weight gain and muscle loss. (Being 82kgs was not at all a pleasant feeling, considering my height measuring to 5'3")!

Till last march it was a distressing situation for me until i got my final wakeup call! I mustered myself up to shred it all! I got into a 'power yoga-cycling-eating healthy' routine with full vigor and in 5 months i managed to scoop a whole 20kg dollop of fat out of my body!! well, YES, it was an achievement! A kind that i needed to celebrate with the loudest crackers in town! (Not that i did it literally!

By august i was back, at least partly, in shape.. BUT the worst wasn't over! As expected, i reached a phase where any amount of dedication would bite the dust! The famous "PLATEAU"! Which, i am sure many of us have experienced. And u bet, it is a terrible thing; it just massacres all your predilection to get fitter! And that's when I approached the Angel of Balance, Khyati!!

Her plans were offbeat and i would confess, very challenging! And why would they not be; after all there was this herculean monster called Plateau, planted between me and my goal that had to be assassinated, come what may! And our princess in shining armor (yes,that is you khyati!) did that for me... so mr.plateau has been successfully ejected out..just that tail is left!

I remember our first conversation where you, Khyati, confidently exclaimed to me "we will try to sculpt u!" And Yes, KHYATI, my sculptor, u have done it.. We are yet to finish our 4 weeks program but your sculpture is turning out great.. I will not say that i have reached my capstone, i still have a few miles to go, but your plan has shaped me up a lot... and i am more than ever hopeful that within the next 2 weeks i will experience stupendous payoffs! Thanks Khyati for your trust in me and for considering me worthy of this appraisal! ....YE TO SIRF TRAILER THA.. PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOSTO...

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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