Nitu Ahuja
weight lost: 20 kg
I vividly remember on my first meet with Khyati, I told her that I've already been to a lot of dieticians. She had told me, "I assure you I'll be the last one" and YES she kept her word! Khyati has been the most promising approachable dietician I've ever come across. She's always available at the distance of a click and quickly responds to your queries. She even helps you maintain your weight after the program because your journey with her never ends.  It is rightly said great bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym. I have myself lost total 20 kgs over the years with various crash diet plans and workouts but I always put on again. However, now with Khyati Rupani's Balance Nutrition, I have mastered the art of eating, feeling absolutely stomachful and never put on the lost weight again. Khyati Rupani's Balance Nutrition is a result-oriented weight loss program that is designed keeping in mind your current food pattern, timings and lifestyle. With weight loss, this program helped me decrease my waistline and increase my energy levels and even glowing skin because of healthy food intake. These are progressive diets which don't make you starve, rather teach you to eat the right way with portion control. A complete online(Diets and recipes sent through the mail, no need to travel, taking care of your convenience), short-term, target-based weight loss and lifestyle management program. I have lost 13 kgs, all thanks to Khyati! 
Firstly congratulations on your new office.  I remember meeting you at a cafe and now you have a lovely office with all your hard work and efforts. You truly deserve more than this I have done many of your programmes but this was a special one, weight loss challenge in 40 days so I took up this challenge and lost about 3kgs and again singed for another 40 days challenge  and it total I have lost around 5 kgs and be sure with your cheat meals and maintenance guide I will further loose more. Karishma as a mentor was too good. She had always answered all my questions though sometimes they were quite silly. She had designed a diet in which I was feeling as if I am eating so much and I knew I was eating all healthy. Looking forward to much more lovely plans as this is the 3 Rd time I have joined your program and each time I always get something new. 
Thank u. 
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation