Saara Suri
Hong Kong
weight lost: 15.3 kg
My weight loss journey has been split into 2 phases as I joined Balanced nutrition weight loss plan twice once before preg and later post-pregnancy and trust me this plan works like wonder despite I never gave 100% to any session or followed any specific recipe still I could see a remarkable difference.
Last year I gained close to 9 kgs due to long working hours and sitting job so I decided to join this online program as I am a foodie by heart and what can be a better way to lose weight than consuming food... Initially, Amita was my mentor and I took to plan for 6 sessions (2 months), and in less than 4 sessions I reduced 8.9kgs of weight and eventually I conceived so decided to drop the plan and started focusing on my pregnancy.

For me, pregnancy was like an excuse or license to eat anything or everything any time of the day due to which I ended up gaining 32 kgs of weight and I started looking like a giant balloon, my body size changed from UK size 8 to UK size 14 and my friends started asking me if I had twins..

I decided to join this plan again and  this time I opted for 3 months course for post-pregnancy weight loss plan and Hardi was my mentor .. during this tenure I was breastfeeding and in fact had lot of travelling on cards so was wondering how to follow the plan or how to stick to the details provided to me in each session, But Hardi assured me that everything will be taken care off and she helped me plan my sessions according to the menu available at each place I was traveling too, I was highly impressed with the dedication and hard work Hardi put and not only she was supportive but very cheerful always available to address any queries or issues and in providing prompt responses .. she kept on motivating me and helped me in great way by customizing my plans according to my needs and changing routine..

I am not only back in shape but more healthier too.

All thanks to these guys and I would highly recommend this plan to each and every individual who is stuck to work or a foodie and have no time to hit the gym :J
*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation