Vishal Rupani's Body Transformation Challenge Updates & Progress!
Vishal's Challenge Day 1
Day 0: Starting Off
Our Founder Vishal Rupani to take up a transformation challenge himself!
Day 1: Challenge
Vishal Rupani begins his transformation journey by taking a complete Body Composition Analysis at the Privy Centre!
Day 2 : Started on the wrong foot
A social event made Vishal Rupani to have a shaky start in his quest to complete his challenge, as happens with most of us!
Day 3: Healthy eating
Here is an early dinner backed by a day of clean eating. Let’s hope to see some good results on the way !
Vishal's Challenge Day 1
Day 4: Exercise
Always a fitness enthusiast, Vishal Rupani is now getting back in form and energy!
Day 5: Challenge
Looks like he will succeed in his challenge!
Vishal's Challenge Day 1
Day 6: Results
Within 6 days, there is a drop in body fat mass by 1 kg with all other parameters absolutely on track!
Vishal's Challenge Day 1
Day 7 : Disciplined Diet Routine
Vishal Rupani following a little more disciplined Diet routine
Witness Challenge Day 35
Day 35 : Witness Challenge
Let’s hear if Vishal Rupani succeeded in achieving his target?
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