The aim is to encourage entrepreneurs and provide them with a platform for personal and professional growth. Balance Nutrition is looking for associates with entrepreneurial spirit to carry forward our mission of making healthcare easily accessible to all.
The mantra to Balance Nutrition’s success is our principle of providing---Undivided Attention, Care & Concern towards all clients
What is a chapter ?
It's like a distributor or our services, akeen to granting an agency for tier II IIII towns and certain remote areas you need a small liaison office say 100-150 sq ft and you will be trained on how to spread awareness, use our content to connect to local commnity, parter with local medical community pre schools or such forums to reach out to people who can benefit with our range of services.

What does Balance Nutrition do ?

Balance + Success
  • Balance Nutrition will provide a detailed training e-manual, which would cover all aspects of prospect to client handling.
  • Provide you with a Chapter online dashboard, ensuring in depth training and support to manage the same.
  • Give you access to all our digital marketing and social media management tools & techniques.
  • Get featured and promoted on our social media channels which has a base of 50K+ followers.
  • Get access to our rich-content bank for your local promotional needs.

What does the chapter do ?

  • Select a desired region & sign up as a chapter.
  • Promote the services programs in your region, work with doctors, local communtiies, fitness centers and spread awareness.
  • Conduct local connect programs to build awareness on issues like PCOS thyroid, cholesterol diabetes, cardiac issues and all such matters to build an awarness of how nutrition and lifetsyle can solve such matters understand the how our online platform works use all our tools to engage members, learn how ti use social media our APP and all the features of the digiitial ecosystem to acquire clients.
  • Assistance in the enrollment process of clients, providing service and tracking their progress online.
  • Stay in touch with our central office on key efficiency parameters and all new updates.
  • Maintain the integrity of our brand and all our offerings.
Your Returns
As a Chapter you can earn from anywhere between 50,000-2,00,000 INR per month.
Your Investment
Licensee fee payable 100,000 - 3,00,000 INR in India depending on region or city.
All you need is laptop / tablet, a small 100-150 sq ft office and lots of enthusiasm and zeal.
For chapters abroad contact us at (Vishal Rupani) Founder & CEO at Balance Nutrition