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Belly Flattener
 By Khyati Rupani

Warm up by marching in place while slowly twisting your torso side to side, arms bent in front of you, for 30 seconds. Rest 10 to 20 seconds between exercises. Repeat routine twice.





12 reps

Cardio Burst:

Bob ‘n’ Weave

1 minute

Full- Body Roll-Ups

5 to 8 times

Cardio Burst:

Bob ‘n’ Weave

1 minute


8 times on each side


1. Crisscrosses

LIE FACEUP WITH KNEES above hips, calves parallel to floor, hands behind head. Contract abs, raising head and shoulders off floor as you extend right leg. Twist to left, bringing right elbow and left knee towards each other. Don’t pull on your neck; the work should come from your abs. Hold for a second, then switch sides, twisting to right.

2. Full-Body Roll-Ups

LIE FACEUP WITH LEGS extended, arms overhead. Contract transverse abdominis (the deep ab muscle that runs between your hip bones) as you inhale and raise arms up towards ceiling. Exhale as you tuck chin and roll up, pulling navel toward spine. Curl forward with arms extending in front of you. Inhale as you stay rounded (inset picture). Slowly and with control, reverse directions, uncurling body as you exhale and lower to floor, one vertebra at a time. Keep feet on floor the entire time.

3. Windmills

KNEE WITH RIGHT LEG extended to side, arms out to sides, palms up. Bend torso to left, placing left hand on floor, raising right hand overhead, and lifting right leg off floor. Hold for a second, then return to start.