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Key Areas To Measure For Body Transformation

09 Feb 2018

A good weight loss is just the number on the weighing scale. We should focus more on achieving a healthy ratio of lean mass & body fat. Weight loss & inch loss go together because we lose significant weight along with good inch loss.


To understand our body is getting toned, body measurements help to gauge the progress.


Surround the tape on the chest holding the ends of the tape in your hands. Bring the two sides of measuring tape together in the middle of your chest & note down the reading.



The waist is the narrowest point of our torse which can be felt by placing our hand just below the ribs.

Wrap the tape measure around your waist. Do not press the tape measure into your skin. And note down the reading.



Stand in front of a full-length mirror, & wrap a measuring tape around your navel [belly hole]. Avoid tightening the tape too much. Breathe as you normally would, without sucking in or extending your stomach. Read the measure tape after exhaling & note down the reading.



Lower abs circumference is the maximum point of fat deposition.

Stand in front of a full-length mirror & wrap the measuring tape 2 fingers below the navel (approx. 1 inch below the navel). And note down the reading.



To see inch loss on hips the measurement is taken around the thickest area of your hips. Wrap the tape around the curviest part of your butt. This measurement can be taken over your clothing. Be sure the tape measure is snug, but not tight & note down the reading.



Upper tight is the uppermost point of the thigh, just below the buttocks.

Keep your leg straight & wrap the measuring tape around the thigh & note down the reading.



Mid-arm is the halfway between your shoulder & elbows joint. 

Stand straight with your arm relaxed. Wrap the tape around the mid-arm & note down the reading.



Hold your arm at 90 degrees at shoulder level & flex your bicep.

Wrap the measuring tape vertically & measure the peak point of the fully flexed bicep.



Stand erect with your legs slightly apart & weight evenly distributed on both feet. Wrap the measuring tape at the largest circumference of the calf & note down the reading.


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