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Prebiotics: For a Healthier Gut

09 Jan 2017

"Pro biotics " the good bacteria has taken over the world nowadays, where people are gulping down the live micro organisms to keep their gut healthy. Today I will introduce you to Pre biotics which can also be called as "good bacteria promoters". 

Pre-biotics are a type of non digestible fiber compound.They are needed in the gut to feed the pro-biotic micro organisms to keep the gut away from any indigestion & constipation. It is digested in the intestine in a similar way like high fiber compounds. Basically they are the plant sources which nourish the good bacteria present in our gut to keep us away from any kind of constipation & ingestion issues. Hence, prebiotic weight loss diet is very effective in reducing weight in a very healthy way.


Probiotic Benefits

If the body does not get enough of probiotics, then there are higher chances of inflammation , lower immune function, likelihood of weight gain & certain other ailments. They also help us lowering the blood sugar levels & suppressing the Bad cholesterol in the body , While raw Chicory roots, raw dandelion greens, raw leeks & raw Jerusalem artichoke are some examples of pre biotics foods in the western culture we do have many Indian fruits & veggies which serve the pre biotics functions, namely :- Raw garlic, onions, raw banana, wheat bran, etc. 


To improve our gut health with "Good Bacteria promoters", let's take a look at some of the prebiotic foods & their benefits:

GARLIC: It has many health benefits as it is a rich source of anti- oxidants. Garlic helps or promotes the growth of a bacteria namely Bifido-bacteria which helps our gut to improve it's digestion. Consuming garlic extract helps in weight loss, benefits asthma patients as well as garlic has anti cancer & anti microbial properties. 

ONION: It is the most versatile vegetable which is widely used in almost all cuisines of the world. Not only cooked but even raw forms of the same are appreciated. To our benefit its one of the rice source of pre biotics. It contains a compound known as flavonoid quercetin, which give the vegetable its anti-oxidant & antibiotic properties. It also helps in cardiovascular health. 

ASPARAGUS: It is a another green which has been used in India as well. It contains 5% of the fiber by its weight. However consuming it raw can be tough at times, but blending it into a smoothie & converting it into salads can be appetizing.

WHEAT BRAN: Both in cooked & raw form provides us with almost equal amounts of fibers by weight. Which do not get digested by our body & is left undigested in the gut to feed the good bacteria. They can be used by adding the raw wheat flakes as in your breakfast cereal bowl where as the cooked wheat flakes can be blended in the smoothies, yogurts as well high fiber cookies. 

BANANA: Banana the fruit in it self is a great source of pre biotics, as it helps in digestion process. Not only pre biotics but it is also a good source of potassium. Eating it just the way it is can be highly beneficial to our guts.



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