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She Means Business - Khyati Rupani

22 Jan 2018

An accomplished dietitian who has helped more than 8000 people through her online weight and lifestyle management company - Read more about her here:


Describe what you do?

Khyati is an accomplished dietitian, menu designer, blogger and recipe developer. She is 34 years old and lives in Mumbai with her small family with husband and 7 year old daughter. She holds a PG Diploma in Clinical Nutrition.  is an online weight loss & lifestyle management company. It is the brain child of Khyati Rupani, a Renowned Dietitian with an experience of 12 years in the field of health, food and nutrition.

Having traveled widely and loves to experiment with food, she is helping people across the globe with their diet related issues with the foods available there locally.

She was the Chief Dietitian at Lilavati Hospital (RKHS), one of the leading hospitals in India. She is one of the pioneers of health kitchens in the corporate sector. She has developed over 700 health recipes that are tasty and yet extremely healthy.  She has authored a book 'Getting rid of Obesity' published by MBD Publication. She is on the panel of ECA 'Early Childhood Association' babychakra, writes articles for many magazines and consults more than 8000 people via her company.


Why this?

After having a lovely baby, I resigned from the post of chief dietitian at lilavati hospital and was consulting a few corporates. The executives there were extremely busy to follow a text book diet chart and had many health disorders.

It got me thinking that the traditional diet charts shall have to be modified and a more practical approach shall have to be used.

  1. DIETS ON EMAIL /website/my account– no one had the time to come for a consultation, hence began the emailing of the nutritional assessment sheet and preparing diets and emailing them. All details and recipes needed to be attached too.
  2. RESTAURANT AND ALCOHOL GUIDE – no executive was ready to skip a board lunch meet J hence I had to give options from the things available. The restaurant guide today has 36 cuisines from chaat to fining dining and can be used even when traveling globally.
  3. TRAVEL/AIRPORT and HOLIDAY GUIDE – on similar lines I made a food guide for frequent travelers and those on a holiday.
  4. EASY/FUSS FREE PROGRAMS – especially for those who have no time to visit a dietitian and travel frequently.


What keeps you motivated?

My clients and the feedback. Even now despite touching lives of 9000 clients, 1 unhappy client can give me a sleepless night. From being a home maker after the birth of Trissha to a full time entrepreneur involves a lot support system too. I am truly blessed to have a family like mine. I have never had to keep a maid for my little baby. Whether it is my mom, husband, sisters or my brother in law- all have helped me in bringing up Trissha by always being ready to baby sit depending on their work schedules. So I was never worried about my child.

My husband has been my biggest support as he is the only one who recognized my talent and pushed me to start an active career after the baby. Lastly my team who works hard day in and day out to ensure the vision we have is fulfilled also keeps me highly motivated.


What, according to you, are the 3 most important things to keep in mind when starting an entrepreneurial venture?

  1. Be very mindful of your services – always give more than they expect ?
  2. Keep an eye on your finances, especially curb those expenses that can be harmful in the near future.
  3. Value your team mates and clients.


What is your life mantra?

Do not under estimate yourself and don’t let your domestic duties be an excuse for not being an entrepreneur. They are your strength. Being a working woman makes me a much better wife and mom. I am happy and hence my home is happier.


What is that one strength you feel has been your single biggest requirement as an entrepreneur?

To be able to stay calm and stable – both at times of success and failure. I am still trying to master this.


How has entrepreneurship changed you as a person?

When you are a mother, taking care and providing becomes a part of your personality. So for me it is just that I have 45 children (my staff) and hence I feel responsible for their growth and progress. It in turn makes me more responsible, aware and also helps me realize my mistakes. The responsibility that being a part of thousands of lives and take care of their health also makes me push myself to strive for the best, even if it involves working a little more.


Online Nutritionist Consultation
Online Nutritionist Consultation