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Habits that prevent weight loss: SKIPPING MEALS Skipping or avoiding a meal is an ignorant practice conducted intentionally or unintentionally. It has become a basic ideology for many ...Read More
15 Jun 2017
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Hey, Party season is here!!! With all the lip-smacking delicacies & mouth-watering gourmets spread out during this party season. No party meal is complete without accompanyi ...Read More
12 Aug 2015
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December is the month of celebration & parties but also it tends to be a time where we consume high fat & high-calorie food. Here is a smart guide to making sure we take off the ...Read More
12 Aug 2015
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During the wedding season, we all desire to look our best. However, it often happens that after attending a few functions, we unintentionally engage in "mindless eating," resulting ...Read More
20 Aug 2015
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