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Understanding The Yo-Yo Effect

13 Jul 2019

To understand it with the example, Seema Shukla lost 2kgs in 2 weeks but after the Diwali vacations she suddenly gained 1kg & since then her weight kept fluctuating.This was because after following her diet plans for 2 weeks Seema suddenly started eating all sort of junk & unhealthy food. Such situations wherein a person goes through cyclical gain or loss of weight resembling the up- down motion of a yo-yo is known as yo-yo effect or weight cycling. Here we can see that Seema was initially successful in the pursuit of weight loss but then she was unsuccessful in maintaining her weight & began to gain weight.


The most common cause that is responsible for Yo-Yo effects are given below:

  1. Sudden change in eating habits.

  2. Reducing the intake of calories & fatty foods up to half the amount however doubling this amount almost overnight.

  3. Going on a liquid diets.

Effects after following the Yo-Yo diets:

  1. Due to dramatic change in eating habits will make the body over respond & over compensate to try & create homeostasis. By the time the body tries to maintain an equilibrium, the person has already gained weight & this leads to weight cycling.

  2. Weight cycling leads to increase in the levels of cortisol [Stress Hormone] which is the stress hormone. When this hormone is present in your body over long periods of time, it can have negative health effects.

  3. This will further lead to increased risk of heart disease, cancer, gallbladder disease & diabetes. It can also damage arteries & cause an increase in LDL cholesterol, which will increase the risk of heart disease.

  4. This diet pattern are generally deprived of good food & false eating patterns, a person may experience both Muscle & fat loss but after completion, the person experiences Starvation, it will lead to rapid weight gain of only fat stores. This is a cycle that changes the body's fat-to-muscle ratio, one of the more important factors in health.

How to battle it?

  1. Yo-yo effects can be best tackled by maintaining a balance in your eating lifestyle.

  2. This can be achieved by not restricting or depriving yourself completely from specific foods but at the same time eating healthy & in appropriate portions.

  3. Follow the diet chart very religiously so that you can get your metabolism on track.

  4. If you are planning about the cheat meals, Even cheating is art so whenever you decide to have a cheat meal always plan it so that you don’t end up overeating & putting on the lost weight again.


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