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A Nutritionist's story of battling PCOS, Weight Gain & Infertility

24 Aug 2015

This is my own story of battling weight and PCOS. It feels great sharing it with females ,some of whom are probably going through the same challenges as I did.

As a child, I was never skinny. I grew up to be slightly overweight with a broad frame. Things suddenly started going very wrong once I hit the twenties. My periods became irregular and I started gaining weight. I did not notice it at first as ironically I was pursuing my masters in nutrition and super busy with studies.

When in just a year my weight ballooned to 64 kg from 56 kg, I clearly realized something was wrong. After a few medical tests, I discovered I was suffering from PCOS and that along with poor eating habits, this was responsible for my weight gain. 

I started studying about it in detail and was convinced that weight loss and maintaining my weight to ideal levels was the only solution to have a healthy hormonal profile.

Also, being a dietitian myself, it was important to be well within my ideal weight limits.

The next barrier to excess weight and PCOS was when I was planning to have a child. 

Infertility due to pcos was very common.

I was very upset to hear I was suffering from infertility and it would be tough to become a mom. It was very depressing to hear about fertility treatments and the side effects of the same made me very scared and depressed.

I did my research on diet plan for women with pcos and started eating correctly, eating in right portions and not giving in to junk food. I started losing weight and bounced back to 58 kg. I was very happy to conceive naturally (rare with PCOS) and had a very good pregnancy. During the 9 months, however, I put on 23 kg and was horrified to see myself at 78 kg after the birth of my child.

 It was like a light switch went on. I immediately swung into action and actively chose and ate foods that were nourishing and not fattening and greasy. Moreover, since, I had been operated for a slipped disc, heavy workouts were never an option for me. So, I would make time to go for short, but regular walks. Post pregnancy, weight loss wasn’t easy, but with the right food and techniques it all worked out. 

After my child was 1 year old, I was 66 kg, and my PCOS symptoms disappeared. My cycles were very regular. I went a little more aggressive and continued with a more conscious effort to losing weight. This was not easy as I was taking care of the baby, working and taking care of my weight.

At times, I gave in to cravings, ate wrong but when calm, I would ask myself, was the big bar of chocolate worth it? To satisfy cravings, I would taste morsels of junk food but make meals of healthy food.  After another year I was at 58 kg and today I am at 56 kg!

Going through weight gain. PCOS and post-pregnancy weight has been incredible learning for me as a nutritionist. My own experience has helped me with my modules on balance nutrition on eat-in portions, restaurant guidnd  weight loss plan for pcos started withes, alcohol guides and what I call "The Celebrate Life Maintenance Guide".

I eat outside, have erratic meal times some days and also cheat a bit, but due to the maintenance, I know when to stop.

My biggest take-away over the last few decades? No one can eat special diet foods all their life, a more practical and doable approach works best.


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