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Taming the Festive Temptation

28 Oct 2016

During Diwali, excitement fills the air as we engage in various festive activities. From cleaning our homes to shopping for the best deals, it's a busy time. However, amidst the hustle & bustle, there's a slight feeling of concern. The abundance of sweets & dishes tempts us to indulge, disregarding our diet plans & calorie counts. We find ourselves devouring everything in sight, momentarily forgetting our health goals.

Our mind stops fixating on calories because true enjoyment comes from being present in the moment. However, we often experience guilt after meals & worry about changes in weight & body measurements after the guilty pleasure is over.

IIs it possible to not worry about these changes, the acidity, the bloating, & the guilt, while also enjoy the food we cannot keep our minds off? Yes! All we need to do is adapt to mindful eating, manage our portion sizes & consume well-balanced meals.

Below are some Diwali delicacies that we go on munching for 5 days straight:



2 Chaklis

300 kcal

1 Nankhatai

250 kcal

1 katori Sev

225 kcal

3-4 Shakkarparas

140 kcal

1 katori Poha Chivda (20g)

175 kcal
1 Mathri 200 kcal
3-4 Bhakharwadis 155 kcal
Total 1670 kcal


Consuming these dishes for so many days in an uncontrolled amounts are bound to give us health challenges. For example, if we sum up the calories of all the above items we end up eating during Diwali, it comes to around 4000 kcal per day, & for five days totals up to 20000 kcal. Since 1 kg is 7700 kcal, 5 days will make us gain around 2.5 kg to 3 kg. Now in order to shed this, one has to run on the treadmill at the speed of 5.5 kmph for 1 hour 45 minutes for 1 month.

How about we control the portion sizes & eat mindfully? So, if you are hogging on those Kaju Katlis, wait up. Eat just one.

Keep a check on your calorie intake from your first meal in the morning. This doesn’t mean you starve the whole day as starving would backfire by increasing our cravings & binge eating. In return, we will end up adding extra calories. Be sure to eat in moderation throughout the day.

IWhen given the choice between dry fruits & sweets, it is advisable to choose dry fruits. While dry fruits are calorie-dense, they provide more nutritional value compared to sweets, which often contain empty calories from ingredients like sugar & refined flour. Dry fruits, on the other hand, are rich in nutrients, making them a healthier snacking option. Unlike many snacks & sweets made with refined flour, dry fruits offer a better balance of calories & beneficial nutrients.

These are simple rules to follow, but will help tremendously in keeping your weight under control. So, go out & enjoy the Diwali celebrations with a positive attitude towards the festival & its food. Below are few healthy & herbal drinks that you can include in the day to reduce the festive cravings & binge eating:

These drinks can be had up to 3 times a day.




  • Lemon juice - 1 tsp
  • Mint leaves - 10-15 leaves
  • Water - 250ml
  • Black salt - as per taste


 Step 1   Take chilled water & add 10-15 mint leaves in it.

 Step 2   After 8 hours, induced water will give a refreshing taste of mint.

 Step 3   Pour lemon juice in it & add a pinch of black salt & a teaspoon of honey




  • Cardamom - 4-5 pieces
  • Coriander leaves - few
  • Water - 200ml


 Step 1   Heat the water in a vessel until it boils.

 Step 2   Roughly chop the coriander leaves & add them to the boiling water along with cardamom pieces.

 Step 3   Turn off the flame & let the flavor of coriander leaves steep into the water.

 Step 4   Let the mixture cool & filter it out. Your tea is ready to be served!




  • Mint leaves - 10 leaves
  • Ginger - 1 inch
  • Honey - 1 tsp


 Step 1   Take a glass of water & put it on the flame to boil.

 Step 2   Add mint & grated ginger to it.

 Step 3   Let it boil for 10-15 minutes.

 Step 4   Add one teaspoon of honey, filter, & sip while warm.

As you celebrate this festive season with loved ones, we encourage you to prioritize healthy eating choices.


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