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Top 10 Healthy Desserts Ready in Minutes

12 Feb 2018

Time and again, we have heard from our elders “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and it is most definitely true in modern times also. So, why not try to win hearts by making some unique and fancy Valentine’s Day food? But, then again special Valentines Recipes should not add up loads of calories in the body because you want to keep him healthy and not the other way around.

So, we have come up with 10 healthy Valentine’s Day desserts, which are very easy to make and tastes incredible such that you can add the sweetness of romance in your life but not the harmful calories that come with that sweetness.



This delicious parfait is prepared by putting juicy apples and golden walnuts in a creamy mixture of Greek yogurt and cinnamon. Even though it takes only minutes to prepare, it’s delicious taste will linger in your palate for a very long time. Each spoonful of it releases flavors of sweet-nuttiness edged with a subtle tanginess, which is very refreshing. Blessed with a high content of calcium, protein, and vitamins, this unique dessert deserves to be included in your list of Valentine’s food. See More



Everyone must have eaten peanut butter sandwich at least once in their childhood, isn’t it? But, here comes a very unique and healthier version of peanut butter sandwich that is simply irresistible and guaranteed to impress your beloved. In this innovative recipe, in between two slices of apples, cinnamon flavored roasted oats are stuffed giving it a sweet-spiced texture. Loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber, this recipe is ideal to be included in weight loss diet also. See More



This recipe is like a collage of all the Nature’s goodness in a single plate. Infused with refreshing aroma of oranges and rich taste of roasted coconuts, almonds and dates, this meal is sure to convey a warm, fuzzy feeling of love. This easy-to-make Valentine’s recipe is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, and dietary fiber. See More



Giving the rich traditional recipe a healthy twist, this oats apple phirni is created. Enriched with the benefits of milk, oats, and apple, this will be the perfect dessert to end Valentine’s feast on a sweet note. This recipe is proven to reduce blood cholesterol and blood sugar, so even diabetic patients can dig in this sweet delicacy. See More



Inheriting the long culinary legacy, phool makhana kheer will win your guy’s heart at the very first bite. The thick mixture of milk and makhana delivers a rich creamy texture that will drown your senses in a pool of sweet pleasure, whereas the nuts add a crunch to this recipe. Containing calcium, protein, fiber, and vitamins, this dish will introduce you to the treasure of good health and delectable taste. See More



If you are searching for a non-fat dessert recipe, this is the perfect one to make in this Valentine’s Day. Puddings always taste divine but this one, in particular, will definitely impress your dearest beyond words. Due to its high fiber and low calorie content, it is most suitable weight loss food also. See More



Here comes another dainty kheer recipe but in a completely different flavor. This type of kheer is very good for preventing cardiovascular diseases and since it is rich in fiber and calcium, it has got tons of health benefits as well. Laden with bulgur wheat, milk, fruits, and walnuts, this dish is like ambrosia to be enjoyed by two lovebirds in Valentine’s Day. See More



Chilled custard always tastes so yummy and when it is heaved with juicy slices of fruits, then…umm…absolute bliss!! It is a very simple but classic recipe, but nothing can beat class, isn’t it? Filled with the nutrients from different fruits and milk, this delicious food is rich in calcium, protein, vitamins and other minerals. So, it is a balanced dessert to celebrate love with. See More



When snow colored Greek yogurt is adorned with crimson slices of succulent strawberries and perfectly frozen then, this object of sheer beauty is created. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this is a chilled treat to enjoy with your partner. Combination of strawberry and yogurt is also a healthy way to weight loss; hence, this simple yet classy looking recipe is a must-make-recipe for this Valentine. The good news is that even lactose intolerant can indulge in this frozen delight (N.B. Those with a severe dairy allergy should avoid it). See More



Chia and milk together make a golden combination, which delights your palate as well as your body and when that is further added with fruits and nuts, it makes a wholesome appetizing meal. It is infused with double antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that are very useful to control diabetes and heart diseases. Dig in this delicious pudding where good health and taste comes in unison. See More

So, what are you waiting for? This February, prepare a love feast that will add love to your lives, not extra pounds or calories. For a change, this Valentine’s month fulfill your promise to take care of your loved one and cook food which will keep him healthy and fit such that you can celebrate many more happy Valentine’s Day in the distant future.



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